Denominational Issues Working Group


LPC’s elders have prayerfully and diligently worked for many months to discern God’s leading regarding our denominational affiliation. The vision they have seen includes a transfer, “gracious dismissal,” from our current denomination, the PC(USA), to a new denomination, the EPC. Our elders, staff, and leaders are eager for you to know more.

This page contains resources you may find helpful as you explore this vision of God’s will for the future of LPC.

If you have questions or comments, please call Doug Jenkins at 215 439-8260 or email Jay Ferraro enable javascript .


We will be hearing terms and phrases with which we may not be familiar. This Glossary of Terms will help with some of the definitions.

The “Five Solas” or “Five Alones” – Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, To the Glory of God Alone – are the watchwords of our Reformation faith. An erosion of commitment to the “Five Solas” by the PC(USA) concerns our elders.

Five years ago, our Session approved an elder-written Statement of Faith to guide LPC’s mission and ministry. This version includes some of the Scripture references used in the writing of the Statement

We hope to make the Evangelical Presbyterian Church our new denominational home. One of the many things that attracts us to the EPC is its joyful willingness to articulate those things that are at its heart, something the PC(USA) will not do.

These General Assembly summaries produced by the PC(USA) will give you a sense of our current denomination. (click on the EPC website in the side menu to get a flavor of the EPC).

This letter and its enclosure were mailed to the LPC congregation on Ocotober 31, 2016.